Efficiant 3D paint software 2017

Ratchet Pro Fishing 2k17 (collab Roby Provost blanchard) 2017
Les Scout RPG (Collectif Les Scouts) 2017
Organes 2016
La Guilde de Damoclès 2016
Punk Game ( Punklab )2015
Autarcie (collectif les Scouts) 2015
Wet on wet 3D 2014
Damoclès 2 Rise of Nothing 2018
Experience Damocles 2 : Rise Of Nothing
Damoclès 2 : Rise of nothing is an art game questioning the use of goals and performance stimulus in game. Nothing will rise, ever. What are you doing playing this. Who are you anyways. Have fun.
Malaise 2017
Other stuf